Getting Married In Iceland

Iceland may not be the place that many people think of first when they are choosing a destinationgetting_married for their wedding but as tourism in the country grows, more people are getting married there. If it is something you may be considering you may have heard several myths about Iceland weddings. Some of the biggest myths are described below and will help to set your mind at rest.

My Wedding In Iceland Will Not Be Legal When I Get Home

As long as you are married by an officiant that is licensed to perform weddings in Iceland, then your marriage will be perfectly legal. There will be paperwork that needs to be completed in Iceland, and again when you get back home but you will be returning home as a legally married couple. Icelandic weddings are recognised in countries all over the world including the US, UK and most of Europe.

The Northern Lights Happen All The Time

Some people believe that the Northern Lights can be seen all the time in Iceland but this is simply not the case. The best chance to see them is between November and February when the nights are longer but you need a clear night and they are not seen every day.

You Can Bring Your Own Alcohol To An Iceland Wedding Reception

This is not likely to bring you the savings that you expect if you do choose to do this because the venue will probably charge a substantial uncorking fee which can actually end up costing more. The only time that this will be permitted is if you are staying in a private home and are using a private caterer as they may be able to supply alcohol for you as part of their service.

Volcanos Are Always Erupting Like In Hawaii

There are active volcanos in Iceland and these do erupt from time to time, although it is very unlikely that they will affect your wedding day in any way. The most famous volcanic eruption in Iceland occurred in 2010 when the ash cloud disrupted flights all across Europe but the chances of an eruption of this magnitude happening again in the near future are very slim.

You Don’t Need An Inside Option In Case Of Bad Weather

The weather in Iceland is very changeable and good weather in the morning does not mean that you will have good weather in the afternoon. It is always recommended that you have an indoor option as even when the weather is good, it gets incredibly cold during the evenings and your guests will probably appreciate the chance to get indoors where it is warmer.

It Is Cheap To Get Married In Iceland

The only way that you might save money on a wedding in Iceland is because you are likely to have less guests and therefore less meals and drinks to pay for. One reason why the cost of weddings are so high is that most of the wine and alcohol has to be imported and this means that it costs far more than you would pay back home.