Walking along the city of Akureyri in the country Northern Iceland, this is one of the best sites that one will always come into sight with. The building has its roots back to the month of August in the year 2010. This is the month when it officially began working. It is generally used for the purpose of holding music performances as well as many other performances that may involve the art sceneries. The main reason why it is preferred is because it possesses auditoriums which can handle large crowds and also the stage to do such is readily available. The facilities that the conference centre has are all said to be first class and as a result all the events that are mostly held here are all top notch.

Narrowing down to the architecture of the building we see that it has two auditoriums that all have different capacities and also different interior designs and as a result they are all preferred by different groups of people for varying reasons. It also has a restaurant that is inside ensuring that the guest’s needs for food are all catered for. Below we are going to discuss into more details about the rooms that have been stated above.

The first auditorium is built such that it can handle a maximum of about 500 people comfortably with no squeezing and also stuffiness in the room. The floor in the room is made such that it slants from the back to the front. This makes sure that all the guests that visit the room for the purpose of performances no matter the height of the person in front of them they will be able to see it clearly. It is also customised such that it is up to date with most of the infrastructure that it has with some of them being: wireless internet, tele meeting equipment, sound system that is current, film projectors as well as most of the lighting equipment is the best in the market. In the building this is known as the major auditorium of the two that are within the building.



The second auditoriums is made such that it holds a smaller amount of people. The said building is made to hold a maximum of 200 people. The topography of the auditorium is made such that the whole floor plan is just levelled and as flat as possible. This is disadvantageous to the short people as they cannot sit behind while their tall counterparts all take the front seats. It holds most of the aspects that the other auditoriums has. The major difference is that this particular auditorium has a screen and also the projectors.

The restaurant and also the kitchen area that the guests can always visit to take care about their physical nature of being hungry. All the seats that the restaurant can accommodate on a good day sum up to a total of about 120 people. This number can always grow but some minor changes have to be made here and there. The changes include the temporary destruction of the wall separating the auditorium. This ensures that the number of guests has increased to a total of about 500 people on the higher side.

The lobby to the building is made such that it acts as a service centre and has all the basic components that service centres have. This include the computers, photocopy machines, telephones as well as internet connections. This makes the lobby be able to accommodate some receptionists as well as exhibitions during the fairs that may be held in the building.

The city of Akureyri has very many social events annually that are held in the city as well as the conference centre above. It is best fit for sport activities, performances and also cultural events that unite the locals and the tourists that visit the country and city. The city holds many social and cultural events annually but some of the events that make it really memorable all year include: art shows that are held in many places including Hof and also the orchestras that are held in many theaters around the city. St. Valentine’s day is also a big event and many people gather and shopping presents is always intense. That is why having ideas for Valentine’s gifts for women in advance is always recommended so you know exactly what and where to look for.

The building has very many social events that are coming up in the near future. This include the annual commemoration of the day that it debuted and began running. There are also very many exhibitions that will be held to market the different things that happens in the city of Akureyri. There are various music festivals that will be held within the city and some performances may be directed to the Hof cultural centre. If you are looking for a place to visit, take a point to visiting this city as soon as possible.